Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hair Saver!

With all the moving around we do and the super dry weather I have had to deal with my hair was fighting back. It felt very dry and damaged, broke off easily, and was very dull. I always use conditioner but once it was dry it always looked bad unless I used a straightener, and lets face it .. that isn't good for your hair.

So I went to Sally's looking for a leave in conditioner that actually worked without making my hair look greasy as some leave ins can do. I am happy to say that I found one. It really feels like it hydrates my hair. I will warn you though it will increase your hair drying time by quite a bit. This stuff really works. Don't spray it too close to your head or clump it in one place or you will end up with the greasy look.. but I can tell you it makes my hair look and feel so much nicer. So go and check it out for yourself!
This product is made by ION..

And in case you are concerned with that sort of thing.. this is a completely VEGAN product.

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