Monday, November 14, 2011

How much Alcohol is actually in your beer?

Have you ever wondered what the alcohol content of that drink in your hand is? I know I Have. It is easy to find that label when you are reading a liquor bottle because it is right there on the front. However beer cans sometimes don't even say anywhere on the can how much alcohol is in it.

So for your information, in case you ever wondered..haha..
Here is a link that you can go to to find out what the alcohol content is in your favorite beer! Enjoy!

A List of Beers with the Alcohol Content

And here are a few of the more popular ones that I can think of and that my husband had me look up..haha..

BEER Alcohol Content
Budweiser 5
Bud Light 4.2
Coors Light 4.2
Corona Extra 4.6
Heineken 5.4
Keystone Light 4.2
MGD 64 2.8 <-- Yep, you read that right!

Your 64 calorie beer will not get you drunk unless you are a serious light weight and drink about 12 of

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