Sunday, November 13, 2011

Getting close..

Well, we are now 29 days away from our move to Illinois. I have most everything taken care of for the move but I Have a few more calls to make this week. I am still working on getting us a bigger place to live when we get there. Hopefully housing will cooperate with me. I also have to make sure everything is ready with the mazda as well.

The van is pretty much all set, I just have to clean it out and make sure there is enough room for all of our things. I am praying for a gentle winter at least until we get to Illinois. I have to admit driving through the ice and snow is worrying me some.

I still have packing to do and some Christmas shopping. Kris and I were able to get some shopping done today but the bulk of it will be taken care of on black friday.. Man I love black It caters to the super saver in me! haha..

So with piles of paperwork and many things that never seem to get done (like cleaning) it seems we will never leave. Yet time is proving to us otherwise.
It seems to be dancing away from me faster and faster as I prepare to say "see you later" to my friends. Ahh Military life. However, I feel lucky to have had this time with them to get to know them. If we weren't in the Navy, I wouldn't even have had that option in the first place, so for me.. This life is a good one.. even with all the goodbyes ..

Sad Goodbyes & Happy Hellos,

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