Friday, September 23, 2011


Yes that is plural on purpose.. As many of you know I had some micro-body sculpting done back in May. I can't say that I was pleased with the results. I felt as if I looked almost the same as before after waiting 4 months and seeing no real improvement.

So, after discussing my feelings with my doctor she decided to do a second surgery for me .. free of charge of course since I had already paid a crazy amount of money for it the first time around.

I can honestly say I do not regret having my surgeries and now I am actually seeing some results.

I had my second surgery yesterday and can already see a change. I don't feel as bad after this one as I did with the first and I am not sure if that is because I did not have my breasts done this time or if my body just got used to it. Either way I am walking around pretty normally, just a little slower.. Feels like I worked out for way to long.

So these are the pictures I have..
this is me from the front.. before, 4 days after the first surgery.. and 1 day after the second surgery.

Now here is me from the side, in the same order, before, 4 days after first, and 1 day after second..

I think my down time is going to be a lot less than it was last time.. especially since I won't have the breast problems to deal In a couple of weeks I will be posting some updated pictures.. Thank you to all of my wonderful friends that prayed for me during my surgery and for a quick recovery.. Love and blessings to you all!

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