Monday, August 29, 2011

School time...

Today has been a busy day.. but it won't just end with today.. my days are about to get a lot busier. I just finished enrolling my niece in the High School here but because we are moving on Dec. 14th she isn't doing regular high school.. she is doing the drawbridge program. This program allows her to earn half a credit in whatever class she is taking in only 3 weeks .. or less if she wants to move faster.

This will allow her to catch up and once we get to Illinois to enroll in regular school at a Junior level! I am excited for her! She will be taking one class at the actual school and that will be math.. So I will be driving her to school every day for her one class and for her 5 hour requirement to be at the school for drawbridge class...

Once we were finished with all the enrollment stuff she asked me to take her down to open a checking account.. her very first! I am proud that I was able to get her into NFCU because she is living with us. Normally they only let the children join if their parents are members, immediate family they said. But... since she is living with me she qualified! Woo for free checking and savings!

Since I was there and I had Mcleod's bday money in my purse from taking him to the store to buy an MP3 player last week that he just HAD TO HAVE NOW!!! haha.. I went ahead and opened a savings account for him as well.. Next time I will be doing them for Tristan and Alora with their holiday money. ..

Sooo.. Mcleod starts school on the 7th .. and Tristan & Mystry start on the 8th.. I am going to be running all over the place on a daily basis now, so if you see me out and about in my PJ's .. don't be surprised.. hahahaha

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