Saturday, May 21, 2011

Still Healing..

It has been beautiful here in Washington this past week.. Unfortunately I am still on the mend from my surgery so no running for me.. I did get out and go for a walk with Kris one of those beautiful days.. That was nice..

I have been having issues with my legs hurting pretty bad lately as soon as I slip on my flip flops and head out the door.. Hmm.. I am starting to think it is the shoes that are causing the problems.. I need to find more supportive "flip flops" ?? Do they even make such a thing.. maybe they have insoles for them.. I could try that and see if it helps.. after all.. it did help with my boots..

So far my boobs have only lost a very minimal amount of their size, so they are still pretty big to me.. I am very happy with them though.. the pain has decreased a lot in that area also.. as long as I don't accidentally squish or bump them that is..

My stomach hasn't changed any since the last time I posted a blog.. but I am hoping that will change in the weeks to come. I saw my doctor on Thursday and she was very definitive on her belief that my stomach is going to shrink a lot more.. I hope she is right!

So for this duty day I am just sitting around doing nothing.. and resting... Yesterday I took care of most of my errands so now I get to relax.. Very soon my nieces will be here and I will be posting about them! :)

I am also going to be posting in my photography blog as soon as I am feeling better about some Friendship Photo shoots I will be offering.. so keep an eye out for that my Wa. friends!

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  1. I think your stomach is going to shrink a lot too. How many inches have you lost? Or have you not been able to measure just yet? As far as flip flops go, Dr. Scholls has flip flops, I saw them at Famous Footwear at the mall last week. They might be able to shape your foot better. I have also heard a lot about a brand called 'Havaianas' they apparently have more support in them than the regular kind. I don't know, I haven't tried them but I bet there are some reviews on them.


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