Monday, May 16, 2011

Before and Now...

That's right.. before and now.. cause I am not yet to the after In case you don't know, I had micro-body sculpting (laser lipo) and a natural breast augmentation done. Everyone has been asking me for before and after shots from my surgery.. so I took some today since today was the first day I have removed my compression garment to wash it and to take a shower..

The shower would have been great if I hadn't suddenly gotten dizzy and nauseated.. it was bad.. had to sit down with a quickness.. oh well .. this too shall pass.. anyway.. to the point..

The doctor said it will take a month for all the swelling to go down so these pictures are just what I look like for now.. I don't know what i will look like a month from now.. or even 4-6 months from now as she said that it takes 4-6 months to see the final results! So without further ado.. this is my 4 day post op and before pictures... you don't get to see my boobs though.. sorry.. those are only for Kris..haha..

Front View

Side view..

I will post more pictures in the weeks to come as I progress and the swelling goes down..


  1. oooo looks good already!! Can't wait to see how fabulous the final results are!

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  3. I thought you were beautiful the way you were but if it makes you happy that is all that matters i love you and miss you more then you know

  4. Excuse my bluntness as I say... HOLY SH*T!! Your profile view made me do a double take. I mean, I know there would be immediate changes but not that dramatic (b/c of swelling and all). Can't wait to see how you change over the next few months.


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