Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Well, yesterday I left California.. and left my Angel... he flew out of San Diego today headed towards Singapore.. He won't be coming back for a very long time... I have cried a lot .. leaving him in the airport to go to my plane felt like my heart was being ripped out...Knowing he spent his last night in the states sleeping alone instead of by my side hurts... I talked to him for the last time when he was on a layover in San Francisco ... I couldn't say I love you enough... It is hard to be seperated from someone you love .. someone you share your life with.. the father of your children... I know it is really hard for him too.. He is missing our kids growing up.. and it hurts him.. but he had to do what was best for our family .. and right now.. unfortunately.. this is it.. but it doesn't make the separation any easier... I do everything that I can to keep my husband fresh in the minds of our children.. I show them video's of daddy talking to them... they have build a bears with daddy's voice recorded on them... and soon they will have daddy dolls... I feel for everyone who goes through what we are going through... missing a loved one is so hard....
Don't ever tell me that I chose this life and should just deal with it... or i will punch you in the face!
Choosing to be in the Navy and serve your country is a noble thing and requires a lot of sacrifice.. and to all of the Sailors and people that love sailors dealing with those sacrifices .. my heart goes out to you..
Love is what grounds us and brings our Sailors back from the Sea....


  1. Pamela... you had me in tears woman! LOL. As I am sure you were in tears writing it. You have lots of hugs from me to you. I know what you mean and I am here for you. If you ever need to talk. Lord knows I'll be going thru yet another deployment before long, too soon... as they all are, no matter how far apart. At leat this time, you will get to spend time with family and have support all around you. Just stay strong and time will pass. *hugs*

  2. Thanks Kristy! *hugs* to you as well.. It never gets any easier no matter how many times we go through it.. and you know I am here for you also.. :)


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