Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just some thoughts..

Our little girl is officially one year old as of sunday...she is very smart and I love watching her learn.. I try to write down things on a semi daily basis that she does so that I can remember them in the future.. time just flys by too fast... I spent this past weekend with my MIL Jacki.. she is a great person and I enjoy spending time with her and so do the kids.. We got the kids daddy dolls in the mail so they were waiting on us when we got home from live oak sunday... They love them.. Tristan carries his around everywhere... Alora likes to watch videos of Kris talking to her and kisses the computer screen .. very cute but sad at the same time... The deployment was extended so we will be missing him for a few more months than we had planned..:( but so is life i suppose.. we just have to do what we can to get by until he comes home.. I have been spending time with some of the new friends I have made since being in Pensacola which is great.. it helps the time go by ... and keeps me from feeling so sad... as always the nights are the worst.. I have to force myself to leave the computer and go to bed.. which almost never happens before midnight.. I just hate going to bed by myself.. sigh.. I am sharing a room with Alora now.. she is still sleeping in her playpen but it is in my room instead of the room with the boys.. which was in the hopes that I would be able to sleep a little bit later in the morning because she wouldn't wake up to Tristan's noisiness.. but no such luck we are up by 7 every morning.. sigh.. so I am pretty much always tired.. but at least I don't have to worry about doing school work
So anyways.. I guess that is enough of my rambling for now..

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