Thursday, December 6, 2012

You would think....

That as a photographer I would always have my camera in hand and there would be more pictures of everyone around me.. but lately I haven't been carrying my camera much.. and I haven't been taking many pictures.. Other than for work of course.

I realized last night after a very frightening dream that I need to change that.. and of course my point and shoot is just not as good as it used to be.. so I don't use it much anymore.. so until Christmas and the present that I know I am getting ;) I will just have to irritate my family and friends with my big camera.. hehehehe..

I did however take a few pictures of us decorating the Christmas tree.. but alas they are on my other computer.... It is time for me to reinstall windows on my laptop again and erase everything so that it will actually work like it is supposed to again.

I have so many pictures that my hard drive hardly has any space left!

So who is enjoying the giveaways??? Share me with your friends cause you can live anywhere and win!

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