Sunday, June 26, 2011

Runners Expo!

A friend of mine told me about a runners expo in Seattle on Friday so of course I was interested in going. Especially since I really needed some headbands for the 5k next month. It was the Rock -N- Roll Expo for her Half Marathon which she TOTALLY ROCKED btw!

So Mystry and I got ready and met Photina & her girls at the ferry terminal.. we barely made it onto the boat.. we had to high tail it down the ramp to get there on time.. it was rather

The trip was quick over to Seattle, then we walked over to Qwest field.. and other than some super slow walk lights made it there fairly quick.

Our first stop (other than the bathrooms.. haha) was Hippie runner for some headbands.. I was very happy to find some matching headbands for Mystry and I to wear during the See Jane Run 5k next month..:)
Our awesome headbands! The two on the left are the ones we are wearing for the race..hehe..

Also with some nudging from Photina I got some great protein bars.. PR bars have great taste and with 15g of protein and only around 200 calories.. that makes me happy!

Now I am looking forward to the See Jane Run Expo next month even more since I know what it is all about! I look forward to taking some time to look all around it..and of course next time I will bring a camera.. lol

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  1. Expos are so much fun and have so much to offer. Glad you had fun.


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