Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Time sure has flown by... I can't believe that I have been in Florida for almost 7 months...the kids have grown by leaps and bounds and I have had the good fortune of getting to know my nieces, who are currently spending my last month and a half here with me...well, at least the youngest two are, I am a bit to boring for the :) I am not looking forward to the long drive alone with 3 kids heading out to CA.. but ya gotta do what ya gotta do... I am just hoping that when we get there we will have a place to live quickly... don't want to drive Nicole completely insane while we are in her house.. so i am hoping to have a place the monday after we get there... we got a place the next day last time, so i am hoping for some blessings from God to get the same thing this time... Currently I am taking some really strong antibiotic medication that makes me really dizzy... fun stuff... I hope that the dizziness goes away completely by tomorrow, it has subsided quite a bit... but i still feel strange at times... of course it doesn't help that Alora did not allow me to sleep last night .. she woke up at 430am and didn't want me going back to sleep.. sigh. so now i am exhausted.. and dizzy.. I am looking forward to 8 pm.. bedtime! the best time of the day! lol.. well, i guess that about covers it... i am working on getting things packed up and mailing some stuff back to CA so that I don't have to try and shove it in my van... anyone want to by some 3T boys clothes and 9-18mth girls clothes?

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