Monday, June 6, 2016

Dear Younger Me....

Dear Younger Me, 

           I know life is hard, I know you are going through a lot of trials. I know that you are screaming out in loneliness, sadness, and despair. I know that all you hear in response to your screams is silence.  I know that what you want more than anything is someone to come along and tell you that everything will be ok and the hard times won't last forever. 
         Dear younger me, if I could hold you and comfort you I would. I would tell you that the future holds wonderful things and love that you cannot imagine because you have not yet felt it. I would tell you that all the terrible, painful, things you are going through and will go through, have to happen. I would want to tell you all of the horrible things that happen, that you could avoid, but I wouldn't. If I told you about the pain and sorrow that awaits, you might change something but that would change us. It would change my now and now is good. It is so much better than you could comphrehend right now. 
         Dear Younger me, trust me, all of the pain will be worth it one day. You will find a life that you never knew could be possible and all of those bad things will be pieces of you that help to lead you there. The one thing I would tell you is to let go of the hurt sooner. It will be hard but holding on to that hurt just creates more pain in us that we don't have to have. Dear younger me, love yourself, every part of yourself. Try to stop looking at what you aren't and see all the good inside you. Dear younger me, that piece you are searching for, that little piece that fills the emptiness, you will finally look up and see it.

I was driving home today and MercyMe's song Dear Younger Me came on and it really got me thinking. IF I could talk to myself, what would I say? Would I change things? This was the letter to myself and the song that inspired it. Would you reach out to yourself in love or would you try to change things?

Dear Younger Me :by MercyMe

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