Thursday, October 4, 2012


This is the first ever presidential debate I have watched.. Mainly because our country has never been in as bad of shape as it is now. During the debate I watched a lot of people post about it on fb.. I have to say that I am thoroughly disappointed in the "issues" people chose to make their voices heard on. I didn't see ANYONE post about education or tax reform... Nothing on health care.. No.. I saw people posting about Sesame street... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? YOU WANT TO CHOOSE YOUR VOTE BASED ON A CHILDREN'S SHOW?????? YEAH, CAUSE THAT IS WHAT IS GOING TO MATTER! Come on people, please for the love of God and country, choose your candidate not based on the color of their skin or a children's show which we have about 1000 other shows to choose from.. Choose based on real issues, taxes, health care, education! Our country is in higher debt now than they have ever been .. violence is getting worse... and Military funding is being cut only to be cut further.. I know where my vote is going as a Military wife. Where is yours going .. and more importantly WHY? Is it going where it is going? Please try to allow some logic to lead you to what is best for our country instead of issues that don't make a bit of difference.

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