Friday, September 7, 2012

Tristan Updates

Well, school has started and my baby boy had to have his hair cut as per the rules of the new charter school that he attends. I was so sad that I cried. He has had long hair since he was born and it was very hard for me to see it go. Not quite so hard for him He was happy to have something different for a little while. He said he still likes his long hair.. but he likes this hair cut too. He still looks as handsome as ever but not anything like he used to. However, he is loving his new school. He comes home happy and energized. He loves his class and his teachers. It is like when he first started school again. My old Tristan is back. The happy, fun loving, friendly child, whom everyone likes. Forrestal had done everything they could to squash his spirit and make him a sad depressed child. Thank God that he was only there for one semester or there might have been permanent damage. I also credit his Taekwondo class to helping him be more like himself as well. When he first joined he wouldn't even speak to the teacher or his classmates. He was afraid to line up with them without being told where to stand. Now he is quick to say hi to everyone and talks to his teacher on his own without me having to stand next to him and end up doing it myself. He has done wonderfully in his class too and is now a yellow belt after two months of study. He has learned form 1 with some help from me and he learned form 2 (what he needs to get his next belt) all on his own! I am so impressed by him. He makes me so very proud. Without further adieu here are some beautiful photo updates of my little man. Family Pictures the day before his hair cut.
The day he got his yellow belt! I am so proud!
The first day of school.. Such a handsome boy!

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